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Normal Estate is an expression of passion.
A demonstration of our curiosities and creativities.

We are a brand dedicated to scents, based in Indonesia. Normal Estate is a lifestyle brand dedicated to scents, founded by two Interior Designers who are passionate in improving the quality of life through simple and meaningful sensorial discoveries.

We started this brand based on a simple dream, to create high quality fragrances with thoughtful branding that are accessible to our local market. As we go through the development of Normal Estate, our dream evolves into something more meaningful. We want the brand to inspire, to evoke emotions and be a reflection of our values and purposes.

As designers, we are aware of the importance of “design process” and that is one of the things we value the most throughout this journey. 

“Having to work closely on the connection between human and space, we feel that one of the ways to elevate our well-being is to be more mindful of what we allow ourselves to experience on a day-to-day basis. Whatever we choose to put in and on our body should be improving our well-being.    

"Through our products, we want to encourage you to build a deeper relationship with your senses through scent. We believe that with a conscious connection between our senses and the environment we live in, we will be able to elevate our lives and enjoy even the smallest things in our daily activities—appreciating the things that we often take for granted.”  

- Jivanesia & Levina

Our Values

We are the stories we tell ourselves.

Each of us is a product of our own experiences and the way we've interpreted them. The way we tell those stories to ourselves, and others—if at all—has a profound effect on our lives. It shapes how we see ourselves, what we believe is possible for our future, which opportunities we seek out and which ones we ignore.

You can choose to let your story be defined by other people's interpretations, or you can define it yourself.

We believe in the power of making your own decisions based on your own desires and curiosities. That’s why Normal Estate was founded. 

The scent may be just a small part of our larger narrative, but we hope it could encourage you to walk your own path without worrying about what others think or expect from you.

Our Commitment

The Design Process

To develop the concept of our fragrances, we work closely with Lygia as our Fragrance Creative Director to come up with perfumes with distinct characteristics that are still approachable and  scents that are ever evolving, providing our audience with an exciting olfactive experience. From our brief, Lygia came up with a concept for each fragrances from her own interpretation. 

Visuals and adjectives were used to describe the concept. These were provided as another brief that we brought to our perfumers. Three perfumers for three different fragrances. They translated the brief in their own way, came up with their own narrative and gave us a couple of submissions. The process gets even more exciting at this stage, we went back and forth to smell and give feedback on many of the submissions.

Until, at one point, we decided on one formula for each of the concepts.

Elevated Experience

Normal Estate is committed to provide you with the best experience. We worked closely with our designers to develop high quality perfume boxes to provide you an elevated experience with our products. Our signature white box uses white linen paper, so that those of you who want to explore and express your interpretation of the fragrance can write (or draw) freely straight on the box. 

We sourced glass bottles that were made in Spain using a patented technique that creates a double base which acts as a podium in order to increase the overall height of the product, without increasing the amount of glass needed for manufacturing. This increases presence and offers a distinct bottle design. Our signature box were designed and crafted specifically to withstand the heavy bottle that we use.

The Safety of Our Products

Our fragrances are BPOM registered, comply with the IFRA regulation and certified by the regulation department of each fragrance house we work with. We preserve the natural oil color of the fragrance oil (meaning there are no added colorants in any of our products), free from BHT and animal derivatives ingredients. We sourced high quality raw materials only from certified suppliers and work exclusively with both local and international perfumers to ensure the quality of our fragrances.